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News & Updates

Recruiting Senior Software Developers with CodeLive | Codility

Find out how to recruit senior software developers using Codility's CodeLive. Start connecting tech hiring teams and building relationships online today!

Front-End Developer Testing with Angular Tasks | Codility

Discover Codility's online testing tool, Angular Tasks, and find out how developers tackle some of the most common problems in implementing web applications.

Code Training Online for Tech Hiring Teams | Codility Training Suite

With Codility's Training Suite you'll gain access to a library of online code training tasks designed for employee learning & development. Get started here!

How to Recruit Data Scientists: Codility Data Science Tasks

Use Data Science Tasks to test candidate knowledge on business logic & programming principles. Learn how to hire & recruit data scientists today with Codility!

Back to Basics: Accelerate the Way You Test Developers

With Codility 5 Minute Tasks, you can shorten the way you test developers without losing valuable information about their skills and abilities.

Test Your Candidates' Coding Knowledge | Codility

Codility's Multiple Choice Questions, you can test your candidates' coding knowledge around Git, Java, Spring, Linux, and Data Science. Talk with us today!

Online Coding Assessment Tests: How to Make Them Less Intimidating

Learn how to assess candidates without intimidating them during the hiring process. Start finding the strongest tech candidates online using Codility today!

Find Front-End Developers with Design Tasks | Codility

Integrate Design Tasks to test the HTML/CSS skills of potential front-end developers online. Start finding the strongest candidates online using Codility!

Create Custom Tasks, and Offer them in Multiple Languages

With Codility Custom Tasks, We're Multi-lingual so your candidates can submit their assessments in whatever language they know best.

Introducing Elementary Tasks

The Codility task suite just got better with new elementary tasks - designed to help you assess very basic programming skills or as a warm up.

Get Deeper Candidate Insights with Codility Results Review Feature

Codility Results Review allows hiring managers to dig deeper into their candidates' reports in a sandbox-type environment. Learn more about this feature here!

Programming Multiple Choice Questions for Technical Interviews

Are you looking for a way to test candidates programming skills more flexibly? Take advantage of Codility's multiple choice questions for tech interviewing!

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