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Engineering Teams

Upwork Strives for Radical Transparency in Managing Technical Teams

Han Yuan, the SVP of Engineering at Upwork, shares his thoughts on the management and leadership of engineering teams and the importance of written communication for distributed teams.

How OpenZeppelin Built a Distributed Team of Blockchain Engineers

Engineering Lead at OpenZeppelin shares his methods for overcoming the unique challenges of leading a distributed Blockchain development team.

Zalando Explains How To Scale Engineering Teams

Manager at Zalando, Adam, talks about his recommendations on how to lead projects, maintain culture, and be a better leader within a large engineering team.

How to Manage Distributed Engineering Teams

Engineering leaders from Avature, Fivetran, and Salesforce shared their take on how to manage distributed teams.

Does Being a Great Developer Translate to Being a Great Leader?

The major difference between a developer and a tech lead is that the tech lead can’t code their way out of their problems.

Engineering Manager Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

Experienced engineering managers will tell you that with more responsibility means more mistakes. Here are some of the worst mistakes to watch out for!

A Developer's Guide to Running Behavioral Interviews

A short guide to running rewarding behavior-based interviews for a range of developer roles.

How to Successfully Write for a Technical Audience

Here are several examples that resonate with a developer audience, and tips for how you can successfully execute technical writing.

We Need Your Help: 2019 Developer Survey

We’re seeking your opinions on being a developer today — and to say thanks, we’ll enter your email in the draw to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Breaking Down the Gender Bias Report From a Dev Perspective

Kuba Kucharski, a Developer Evangelist at Codility, shares his take on key findings from Codility's Gender Bias Report. Get diverse recruiting insights here!

9 Things That Turn Off Developer Candidates

Breaking down major technical interview “don’ts”—from a developer’s perspective.

Internal Hackathons to Benchmark Junior Developers

Ask yourself these 5 key questions to successfully assess junior developers during internal hackathons, identify their needs, and spot problem-solving skills.

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