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Titanium is One of our Hardest Challenges in 2016

Titanium is One of our Hardest Challenges in 2016

Titanium is so far our hardest challenge of 2016 with only 59 coders being able to solve the coding challenge! Try it for free now and see if you can beat it!


Our Titanium Challenge has finally been conquored! 59 times to be exact. 

The goal is to find the longest slice (contiguous substring) of S that forms a valid bracket sequence using at most K bracket rotations. You are given a sequence of brackets S and you are allowed to rotate some of them. 3,800 coders attempted this one, but only 59 could get a perfect score. First place went to Tadeusz Sznuk who solved Titanium in 5 hours and 40 minutes (over 3 hours faster than the rest) and who also came 2nd in our April Scandium Challenge! Santosh Kalwar came in next with a perfect score, followed by Abhimanyu Rawat. A massive congratulations from our team to the three of you and to all the golden award winners - this was a tough one! 

Titanium is still open, so if you haven't tried it yet, take a shot! 

Happy Coding Everyone! 



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