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Recruitment Workflow Process For Tech Hiring | Codility

Recruitment Workflow Process For Tech Hiring | Codility

Implement a solid workflow during your tech recruitment process. Use Codility's integration ecosystem & API to ensure your hiring teams are working seamlessly.

Tech Recruiting

People are complex, so it follows that recruiting, a business function centered around building relationships between people, is complicated and challenging. This is particularly true in tech recruiting, where people of vastly different backgrounds and perspectives put their heads together to augment and grow their company. As organizations scale, more roles open up, and more stakeholders are involved, the recruiting process becomes even more intricate.

So how do you keep everything and everyone working in tandem towards shared hiring goals?

Use the right tools the right way, together.


Fortunately, there are organizations out there that want to help you find great people to join your company and then empower them to do exceptional work towards your mission. Human Resources Technology, or HR Tech, is a booming industry due to the complex needs of businesses that want to hire the best and then retain them. But between sourcing, applicant tracking, human resources information, benefits management, coding assessment tools and so many more, there’s a ton of data to manage. Ideally, you have a solid product workflow in place and the various systems you use are integrated with one another.

At Codility, we’ve built a coding assessment & tech recruiting platform to help you hire stronger programmers, faster. From listening to the needs of our customers, we’ve enhanced our product adjacency and established native integrations with some of the best applicant tracking platforms on the market and popular productivity tools.

Applicant Tracking Systems:

  • Greenhouse
  • iCIMS
  • Jobvite
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Workable
  • ...and more on the way!


Through our integration ecosystem, we empower you to work out of one place for better data and seamless recruiting. But there are a ton of tools and technical screening services out there, some we haven’t even heard of! You can take advantage of our API to easily connect our coding assessment platform to your other tools and do things like:

  • Send Codility test invitations and receive test submissions in your favorite ATS
  • Receive alerts when someone finishes a test so nothing and nobody falls through the cracks
  • Build custom reports that update in real-time and provide key recruiting insights

Clients like Grant Street Group have had enormous success using our API to combine the job application and screening processes. Emily Meals and her team embedded a Public Test Link in their job application form to centralize what would otherwise be a multiple-step, manual process.

“Codility has decreased the time we spend on prequalifying applicants, helped us recognize great candidates we would’ve never found before, and improved our candidate experience, particularly in the early stages of our process.”                                                              - Emily Meals, HR Manager @Grant Street Group

Download the full case study below.


You undoubtedly have some great recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers collaborating to find and hire great people. Don’t be limited by the tools you use.

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