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Online Coding Assessment Tests: How to Make Them Less Intimidating

Online Coding Assessment Tests: How to Make Them Less Intimidating

Learn how to assess candidates without intimidating them during the hiring process. Start finding the strongest tech candidates online using Codility today!

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Our goal is to help tech hiring teams learn more about their candidates so they can grow their business in the best way possible. But oftentimes when hiring team members overly fixate on assessing their candidates, they lose sight of what recruiting is all about - empowering people to demonstrate their abilities. Create an environment where candidates feel confident and you're able to get the information you need to make a sound hiring decision. Our new Regular Expression Tasks make this easy.

Read on to see how to make online coding assessments less intimidating to candidates.



Provide the details upfront

An interviewer’s priority is to gather insights about candidates, but they're also making observations to form an opinion about the role and your team. The more information you provide, the more engaged and interested candidates will be in your opportunity.

So proactively share the following:

  • salary range
  • team dynamic
  • work hours
  • travel expectations
  • why the role is open
  • challenges in the role
  • ideal timeline to hire someone
  • performance measures
  • potential career progression

And if this makes them less interested, then that’s good too - you’re enabling candidates to self-select out of your process, slimming down your talent pool to better matches. There are things you want to find out about your candidates and vice versa, so meet them halfway by sharing what you can.

Humanize the process

Each of those resumes represents a person that decided to take the plunge and many of them even have their fingers crossed to hear back from you. The trick to cultivating the initial excitement candidates have is to cater to their wants. In the state of the current job market, companies can be competitive by knowing what their candidates care about. Candidates want to join a stress-free learning environment where they can get a sense of accomplishment, so show them that’s what you’re all about.

Create a win-win situation

If your process is overflowing with take home assignments, drawn-out interviews, and lengthy presentations, candidates are going to drop out of your process. Ideally, you apply the minimum number of qualification measures required to accurately gauge skills and aptitude, and nothing more. This allows you to enhance the candidate experience without missing out on information you need to decide who to hire.

For tech hiring, this is where online coding assessments can help. Not only do they provide a streamlined, smooth process for candidates, but you’ll get an unbiased measure of candidates’ qualifications. Follow these steps to incorporate online coding tests into your recruiting workflow:

  1. Define the role and create the job description
  2. Highlight the basic technical skills required to be successful in the role
  3. Identify the abilities you want to review through online coding tests
  4. Choose the specific technical skills you want to assess, then combine individual tasks to form your programming tests
  5. Implement the online coding tests at the screening portion of your process

By screening for skills early on, you can ensure candidates that reach further stages meet the basic technical requirements for your roles. But you’re also promoting an unbiased, seamless, and fast experience for candidates, and they’ll appreciate that.

We just released Regular Expression (Regex) Tasks to help you gauge your candidates’ corner case knowledge and logical thinking. And they’re quick and easy, so candidates will remain engaged in your process and feel accomplished when submitting their code. 

A great way to use Regex Tasks is to combine them with other Codility tasks. For instance, create an online coding test that consists of two tasks - an easier Regex Task and another harder task of your preference. Use the Regex Task as a quick checker to see if candidates know the basics. Then, you can dive into the code they submitted for the harder task if you need another signal for their skillset.

The best hiring teams work towards infusing positivity into every touchpoint they have with candidates. They understand the need to dig in to candidate skills, but value a candidate-focused approach. Ideally, hiring teams are able to blend the two into an experience that is beneficial and enjoyable for both parties. Regex Tasks are built to help you assess, engage, and encourage people interested in working for you.

If you want to learn more about Codility's online coding assessments or Regex Tasks, try them out for free today!

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