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When hiring needs started to scale, FlixBus outgrew its original recruiting software. Switching to Codility significantly reduced time to hire even when managing high-volume recruiting scenarios.

FlixBus has built a strong brand on the back of its mission to digitalize traditional bus travel. Since 2013, the company has brought all kinds of new tech solutions to the industry, including the FlixBus App, e-ticketing, free Wi-Fi and power outlets, “Where’s My Bus” GPS live tracking, and an automated Delay-Management system.

But it’s important to recognize that FlixBus isn’t just a bus company. Even though you may see FlixBus branded buses on the street, this is a platform company—one that continues to revolutionize bus travel while expanding into trains and charters.

As a result, FlixBus is loaded with some of the world’s top tech talent. However, having more than 1,000 employees spread across Los Angeles, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Zagreb, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Aarhus, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Madrid, and Warsaw introduces a wide range of hiring challenges. 

We talked with Employer Branding Manager Kornélia Kiss and Tech Recruiter Brady Richards to learn more about those challenges and what they did to resolve them.

When it’s time to upgrade hiring technology

The engineering teams at FlixBus are always pushing boundaries. It’s a core value for the company that shines through in the passion that engineers have for the work they do. While it’s challenging, it’s also extremely rewarding as engineers can see tangible results of their work very quickly.

To keep up with the constantly evolving demands of engineering leaders, the FlixBus recruiting team has had to find new ways to speed up hiring processes without sacrificing candidate quality.

For years, the recruiting teams used software to run technical assessments for its candidates. But as recruiting demands continued to grow, “we hit a wall when trying to hire for many different teams.” 

A limited number of seats for each coding challenge forced FlixBus engineering managers to create their own technical assessments. That eliminated any automated benefits and, as a result, a “delayed hiring process just became part of the job.”

The role of tech recruiting is to make the lives of engineering hiring manager as easy as possible. Even though hiring is critical to the success of FlixBus, engineers need to maximize the amount of time they spend on product development. “We knew we had to speed up the process for our engineers,” which is why they had to move on. The search for new recruiting technology led FlixBus to Codility.

Speeding up time to hire with new technology

FlixBus prides itself on moving quickly in everything that it does. And yet, tech recruiting processes back then forced hiring managers to run manual coding challenges that pushed the time to hire to about 50 days. 

Codility helped Brady and Kornelia eliminate the problem almost immediately. Automated technical assessments through CodeCheck meant that hiring managers no longer had to find time to manually review code for all the candidates applying for just one role.

But it wasn’t just the grading process that FlixBus was able to accelerate. Kornelia, Brady, and the hiring managers were also able to speed up the process of building technical assessments. 

The deep library of vetted technical problems in CodeCheck made it easy for hiring managers to pick and choose relevant questions for candidates to answer. In the case that a problem leaked online, Codility proactively updates FlixBus so that hiring managers can quickly change their assessments and maintain the integrity of recruiting processes.

The result? “With Codility streamlining distribution and automating the grading process, we’ve cut time to hire down to 30 days with many open roles being filled within 15 to 20 days.”

Recruiting technology is only as good as its adoption

One of the biggest challenges when updating any business system is getting users to buy into the transition. It doesn’t matter how powerful a new solution is—if users resist the change, the organization won’t see a return on its investment.

This is one thing that set Codility apart from competitors for FlixBus. According to Kornelia, switching to Codility “was such a smooth process from the outside looking in that you almost wouldn’t have even noticed the software changed.”

Codility doesn’t limit the number of people who can access the platform. Any hiring managers who wanted to experiment with the technology could go in freely and see how it could work for their needs. And as a result, FlixBus saw rapid adoption of CodeCheck for technical assessments and CodeLive for collaborative interviews. 

Wrap up

The state of the world in 2020 has forced FlixBus, like every other organization, to rethink both its strategy plans for the coming months and years as well as its approach to operations. And hiring is one aspect of the business that was most heavily impacted.

As the travel industry suffered the consequences of a global shutdown, FlixBus had to reduce its hiring efforts for 2020. But having Codility in place gives Kornelia, Brady, and the tech hiring managers confidence that they’ll be able to adapt to a new reality as they’re able to ramp back up. 

Mostafa Nasr, Senior Account Executive at Codility.

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