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Deck the Halls with New Product Features

Deck the Halls with New Product Features

2017 has been a year full of product updates, new features, and entirely new offerings. Here is a list of the major things we launched:

News & Updates

Happy Holidays!

Here at Codility, our objective is to help companies hire stronger programmers, faster. We partner closely with our clients to fine-tune their tech recruiting process and grow their engineering organizations in the most effective and efficient way possible. From working with over 1,000 businesses and drawing insights from facilitating over five million online coding assessments, we prioritize our product development to create a hiring edge for our customers.

2017 has been a year full of product updates, new features, and entirely new offerings. Here is a list of the major things we launched that we hope you take advantage of:

New skills we can help you test

Design and Web Dev

We’ve launched new task types to help you assess front-end developers, web developers, UI designers, and full stack engineers. You can use Design Tasks to gain insight into how front-end candidates use HTML and CSS to create web pages. Easily send task instructions and design spec files to candidates, and then they build the website according to the specifications and upload their code straight back into Codility for you to see. With Angular Tasks, you’re able to screen and interview programmers in a more natural-feeling, real-life manner because the coding tests closely resemble the work a front-end developer would do on the job.

Regular Expression

We just released Regular Expression (Regex) Tasks to help you gauge your candidates’ corner case knowledge and logical thinking. And they’re quick and easy, so candidates will remain engaged in your process and feel accomplished when submitting their code.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are designed to give you deeper insights into your candidates’ understanding of technologies like Git, Java, Spring, and Linux as well as disciplines like Data Science. Combined with a real-life skills task, you’re able to see what a candidate knows about technical concepts and languages and also how they use that knowledge to create a solution to a problem.

Data Science

Data Science Tasks help gauge candidate knowledge around data science principles by evaluating coding and analysis skills. They come in MCQ format, regular coding task format, and longer assessments designed to closely mirror programming and business logic tasks data scientists will be responsible for on-the-job.

New methods of assessing skill

Style assessments

Good code stands the test of time, and it’s important to make sure the programmers you hire are able to write clean code that everyone can read, understand, and collaborate around. Our new Style Assessments complement the correctness and performance reports you’re used to.

5 Minute Tasks

5 Minute Tasks are just that; tasks candidates can complete in under five minutes. They encompass different difficulty levels and all types of tasks, ranging from coding to bug-fixing to testing, providing a quick litmus test for candidate ability.

New sourcing innovations

Sponsored Challenges

With Sponsored Challenges, companies can now tap Codility’s network of thousands of developers and diversify their sourcing strategy by sponsoring a programmer challenge. In addition to providing direct value to potential candidates by supporting their skills development, sponsors of challenges get brand exposure, and receive contact details of all challenge participants who volunteer their information.

New training functionalities for your team

Training Suite

Professional development is essential to retaining great developers. Codility’s Training Suite provides companies with a way to upskill and engage their teams. It offers a way to improve and expand the technical abilities of current employees, identify their strengths, inform personal development plans, and establish transparent promotion paths. The Training Suite offers nearly 200 exclusive tasks of all types designed for learning and development purposes.

New workflow integrations

We built new integrations with two well-known applicant tracking systems (ATS): Workable and iCIMS. Through our integration ecosystem, we empower you to work out of one place for better data and seamless recruiting. You can also take advantage of our API to easily connect our coding assessment platform to your other tools and do things like:

  • Send Codility test invitations and receive test submissions in your favorite ATS
  • Receive alerts when someone finishes a test so nothing and nobody falls through the cracks
  • Build custom reports that update in real-time and provide key recruiting insights

Hopefully you were able to learn about a new feature or update to implement into your tech hiring process. We would love to hear any feedback you have to improve the things we launch or gather any requests for next year. We have a ton of product stuff in the pipeline but we always want to hear from you!


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