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Codility Sponsored Challenges: Your Weapon X Sourcing Strategy

Codility Sponsored Challenges: Your Weapon X Sourcing Strategy

We just launched Sponsored Challenges to help you source more talented programmers and build relationships within the dev community.

Tech Recruiting

Tech recruiting is more competitive than ever, so it’s essential to do everything you can to find talented programmers and build positive relationships within the developer community. Diversifying your sourcing strategy allows you to enhance your employer branding, tap into extensive networks of strong coders, and even turn over rocks where other hiring companies are not. In addition to using niche sites like GitHub and StackOverflow, we’re excited to have a brand new offering to further your sourcing efforts: Codility Sponsored Challenges.

For the past six years, Codility's tech recruiting platform has been building an education space for developers to practice coding and participate in programming challenges. Our Programmers’ Home is a space where thousands of programmers come to learn and compete from all over the world, and we’re always looking for ways to improve it.

For a while now, our programmer community has been asking us to hold more challenges and enable them to connect with dynamic, tech-first companies looking to hire coders. So that’s what we’re doing!

With a Sponsored Challenge, we’ll put your branding on one of our regular upcoming programming challenges, and promote it to our global developer community. We’ll send you the contact details of all the programmers who participate and volunteer their information so you can connect with them and build interest in your open roles.


Here are three ways Sponsored Challenges can boost your tech sourcing:

Discover more devs

The Codility Programmers’ Home is a watering hole for talented programmers from all over Europe, the US, and around the world. Covering all experience levels, our community is a hotbed of talent, and if we can help connect great coders with great companies, we’re achieving our company mission. We’ve had thousands of coders participate in our challenges over the years, and have even hired a few ourselves!

Increase your brand visibility

Talent marketing and talent attraction are great ways to enhance your employer brand and increase the number of technical candidates inbounding for your roles. Running a Sponsored Challenge allows you to spotlight your company profile to thousands of developers, any of which could be your next new hire. Instead of doing the same outreach every other company is doing (sending endless cold outreach emails or crafting generic bios on recruitment sites), do a Sponsored Challenge to mix up your strategy a bit and employ a more innovative approach to employer branding.

Source Seamlessly and Effortlessly

Sponsored Challenges require very little work on your end. Our tech team will create the challenge, manage the setup and execution, and provide candidate support. Once you initiate a Sponsored Challenge, we’ll promote it to our community on social media and through our community newsletter, instantly placing your challenge in front of tons of fresh coders. After the Sponsored Challenge ends, we’ll send you the contact information of participants who agree to share their details. Upload them to your applicant tracking system, congratulate the top performers, and begin reaching out about their background, side projects, and your own open roles.

We’ve designed Sponsored Challenges to both provide a medium for coders to compete and show off their technical skills and as a platform for potential candidates to connect with hiring companies. Not only are they easy to set up and run, but they will also help you raise awareness of your brand within the developer community and give you the opportunity to add ambitious, talented programmers to your engineering organization.

Through a Sponsored Challenge, Avature put its employer brand in front of thousands of talented developers and generated nearly 700 potential candidates:

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