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2019 has been a big year for Codility…

  1. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary
  2. Together with our customers we evaluated the coding skills of over 455,000 developers
  3. We added 170+ new tasks to our libraries to evaluate an even broader range of skills in languages and technologies including AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, Azure Functions, Swift, Kotlin and application security skills in Python
  4. We added hundreds of new customers to our tech recruiting platform and hit a record high net promoter score of +45 points
  5. We grew our team by 80 people, investing heavily into research, customer success, and product development

And today, we are thrilled to announce that customer reviews site, G2, named Codility as the leading solution in all categories for Technical Skills Screening Awards for a fourth consecutive term.

Our latest collection of awards from G2:

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Every 6 Seconds we Evaluated a Developer’s Skills

Last year we saw a 54% increase in the number of technical candidates evaluated using Codility’s online screening tool, CodeCheck. Our online interview product, CodeLive, ran triple the number of interviews compared to the previous year. This is no major surprise given that more and more tech hiring teams are adopting technology to augment their hiring decisions in order to speed up their time-to-hire. In top employment markets, the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. This means that every optimization you can make to provide better insights to recruiters and hiring managers has a tangible impact on your company’s edge in the competition to hire developers.

2019 will also go down as the year of Java, with over 300,000 CodeCheck tasks solved using Java. C++ and C# continued to be common, and we expect Kubernetes, Swift, and Kotlin to have a growing presence on our leaderboard in 2020.

The most commonly used languages to solve Codility tasks in 2019 (size depicts popularity):

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We Helped Over 6,000 Tech Recruiters be Hiring Heroes

We know that tech recruiting is difficult to get right. The positive impact a great hire can have on your team, in comparison to the cost of making a bad hire, raises the stakes. This year we partnered closely with our customers, using data science to answer questions around gender disparity in technical skills screening and setting benchmarks in candidate behavior.

The insights we gathered are being used by our customers to improve the way they hire and retain developers around the world. For example, Okta needed to expand their University recruiting program by 6x without compromising on the quality of the tech candidates they invited onsite.

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We also interviewed Engineering Leaders from ZalandoAvatureSumo LogicMalwarebytes, and Thumbtack as well as Recruitment Leaders from Microsoft and Google to get their perspectives on what makes a great engineering team:

  • Microsoft: “Any process that slows recruiting is a competitive disadvantage in this market.”
  • Google“The heart and soul of Google is built on engineering.”
  • Zalando“You never have a perfect setup, and you never have a perfect process.”
  • Avature“Tell your team what to do, and let them figure out how to do it.”
  • Sumo Logic“Your job as an engineering manager is to destroy your own job.”
  • Malwarebytes“If you build an organization of managers then I’d be forced to promote you.”
  • Thumbtack“Everything you do should tie back to minimizing risk and surprises.”

You can watch these interviews live on The DevTeam Project, or read more on our blog.

We feel Energized about the State of Tech Recruiting in 2020

This year, we plan to partner more closely with our customers on deep data-dives to find more insights and ideas around how to improve processes and candidate experience. What has made us successful in 2019 will continue to be a core part of who we are:

You can learn more about what real users had to say on our G2 page.

A huge thanks to all of the users that continuously support our platform and who take the time to provide feedback. Here’s to 2020! 


See our previous rankings in the Spring Report.

2020 Winter reports are based off of scores that are calculated using G2 Crowd’s algorithm from data collected through November 27, 2019. All rankings come from real users who are verified on the platform, and every review is vetted to ensure legitimacy. 

Rachel is VP Marketing at Codility. Equal parts creative and analytical, she brings her experience working hands-on with our customers to the front of our marketing approach.

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