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Tomasz Waleń

Tomasz Waleń

Tomasz is a software practitioner and theoretician. He has designed and implemented evaluation software used in major programming contests worldwide, and loves a good challenge. He co-founded Codility, and is actively involved in building our tasks and language suite.

Titanium is One of our Hardest Challenges in 2016

Titanium is so far our hardest challenge of 2016 with only 59 coders being able to solve the coding challenge! Try it for free now and see if you can beat it!

Scandium Has a Winner

Scandium 2016 is a coding challenge which puts top coders to the test against themselves and the clock. Free to participate and still open - check it out!

The Calcium Challenge & Race to Glory

The Calcium coding challenge saw over 7,000 coders attempt to provide a perfect solution for where the local Police Chief should place his speed cameras.

Equilibrium Index: A Solution For Equi Task | Codility

Codility's free Equi task is where coders practice and prepare before taking assessments. Here's our guide to getting the perfect equilibrium index score!