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Shelby Penfield

Shelby Penfield

Content Marketing Specialist at Codility. Shelby devotes most of her time to creating content strategy and executing on it. Currently residing in SF, she was born and raised in Connecticut.

Upwork Strives for Radical Transparency in Managing Technical Teams

Han Yuan, the SVP of Engineering at Upwork, shares his thoughts on the management and leadership of engineering teams and the importance of written communication for distributed teams.

How OpenZeppelin Built a Distributed Team of Blockchain Engineers

Engineering Lead at OpenZeppelin shares his methods for overcoming the unique challenges of leading a distributed Blockchain development team.

Zalando Explains How To Scale Engineering Teams

Manager at Zalando, Adam, talks about his recommendations on how to lead projects, maintain culture, and be a better leader within a large engineering team.

Working at Dolby: An Inside Look at Engineering

Dolby’s Head of Recruitment was tasked with starting an R&D center in Australia in 2011 — fast-forward eight years and he would grow the engineering team to over 140 developers. Here’s what tech hiring at Dolby looks like.

How to Hire and Retain the Best Python and Django Developers

The rise of Python in recent years shows how more and more engineering teams are turning to open source technologies like Django to power their websites. Here's how to attract and retain Python and Django developer candidates.

Four Lessons from Developers on Retention: Global Survey Output

Developers are continuous learners — whether it's staying up to date with the latest technologies or developing the soft skills needed to become an Engineering Manager. We surveyed thousands of developers from all over the world to get insights on how employers can better support strong and growing engineering teams.

How to Manage Distributed Engineering Teams

Engineering leaders from Avature, Fivetran, and Salesforce shared their take on how to manage distributed teams.

Microsoft's Culture Shift & Growth Mindset (How They Changed)

How does Microsoft hire top engineering talent? Domina McQuade, a lead tech recruiter at Microsoft, shares Microsoft's culture and growth mindset with us!

Why Okta Expects A World Without CVs

What are the top trends that are impacting Okta's hiring processes in 2020? Hint: CVs and resumes are still being used — but this is going to change.

How Google Recruits Top Engineering Talent

How do enterprise-grade companies interview engineering leaders? Learn from seasoned recruitment professional, Amy Miller, Senior Tech Recruiter at Google!

Tech Hiring Is Changing… Here's What You Need To Know

Companies worldwide are facing real challenges when it comes to hiring developers with specialized skills. Get valuable tech hiring insights on Codility!

How to Attract Top Developers in 2020 (Infographic) | Codility

Do you want to build stronger relationships with top developers? In order to get the attention of strong candidates, you need to understand what matters most.

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