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Rachel Whitehead

Rachel Whitehead

Rachel is VP Marketing at Codility. Equal parts creative and analytical, she brings her experience working hands-on with our customers to the front of our marketing approach.

Codility Named Leading Skills Screening Solution for 2020 by G2 Crowd

Last year was all about building momentum: from adding new technologies like AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, Swift, and Kotlin, to growing our team by 80 people. Here's what we're looking forward to in 2020.

What We Shipped: 2018 Highlights

It was a big year - but here's a summary of our most exciting releases in 2018.

CTO Strategies for Hiring 10x Developers

CTO Steve Ball shares his top strategies for hiring 10x developers and the tools he uses to get him into deeper conversations during technical interviews

Candidate Engagement in Tech Recruitment: Tips for Improvement

Learn 5 interview tips for engaging candidates during your tech recruitment process. Start reducing the chance of candidate drop out by using Codility today!

Create Custom Tasks, and Offer them in Multiple Languages

With Codility Custom Tasks, We're Multi-lingual so your candidates can submit their assessments in whatever language they know best.

Introducing Elementary Tasks

The Codility task suite just got better with new elementary tasks - designed to help you assess very basic programming skills or as a warm up.

Get Deeper Candidate Insights with Codility Results Review Feature

Codility Results Review allows hiring managers to dig deeper into their candidates' reports in a sandbox-type environment. Learn more about this feature here!

Programming Multiple Choice Questions for Technical Interviews

Are you looking for a way to test candidates programming skills more flexibly? Take advantage of Codility's multiple choice questions for tech interviewing!

Codility & Slack: Real-time recruiting

Recruit in real-time integrating Codility with Slack to optimize your tech recruiting process and speed up communication with the top coders!

PostgreSQL Language Has Been Added to the Codility Suite

PostgreSQL has been added to the Codility language suite, so your candidates can chose which version of SQL they code in, giving a better candidate experience.

Recruit in Real Time with our Hipchat Intergration

Connect your Codility account with Hipchat and get instant notifications when your candidates take their assessments and be linked directly to their reports.

Promoting Synergy Between People Ops and Engineering

Tech Recruiting and Engineering need to be aligned and work together cohesively for hiring success. Here are a few simple tips to get your collaboration buzzing