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Marcin Kubica, Ph.D.

Marcin Kubica, Ph.D.

Marcin Kubica is currently Head of Engineering at Codility. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has previously served as a Professor in Computer Science.

Big-O Notation Explained: The Curse of CC All (Part 3)

How much space do unnecessary citations and replies occupy in Gmail? Let’s analyze it, first using the Big-O notation, and then using concrete numbers. 

Big-O Notation Explained for Not-So-Technical People (Part 2)

Find the Big-O notation explained for not-so-technical people from Codility's very own Head of Engineering, Marcin Kubica, Ph.D.

Big-O Notation Explained: Definition & Examples (Part 1)

If you work in programming, understanding Big-O notation is crucial. Get a simplified explanation of Big-O, including a clear definition & examples on Codility!