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Greg Jakacki

Greg Jakacki

In 2009, Greg developed a solution for a problem he regularly faced: How to distinguish between qualified and unqualified candidates? Since then he has been leading Codility as founder.

Tech Recruiting is in our DNA

This is the genesis story of how Codility began, and why it remains a core part of over 1,000 companies' tech recruiting process worldwide.

Don't Delegate Hiring, Delegate Screening

Tech recruiting can be complicated and slow, but it doesn't have to be. Codility CEO, Greg, explains why engineers should automate screening and save time.

How to Recruit Programmers Organically: 3 Methods for Tech Startups

Learn how to recruit programmers organically and supercharge your startup tech recruiting efforts by using these three methods from Codility!

Programming Problem Solving Interview Questions You Should Ask

What problem-solving questions should you ask during tech interviews? Here are Codility's 4 suggestions for when you're interviewing & assessing programmers.