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Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay

Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay

Agnieszka is involved in Product Research @Codility – bringing to the table 14 years of research experience, she focuses on product performance, new feature development, and data analysis. She uses in-depth knowledge of both qualitative as well as quantitative research methods to engage the team in insight-driven decision making about Codility developments.

Gender Bias in Tech Employment Tests (Analysis From 1M Sessions)

Avoid a potentially biased tech hiring process. Learn how to improve the diversity of your technology workforce & download Codility's Gender Bias Report today!

Candidate Labs: A User Experience Researcher’s Magic Bullet

Agnieszka, Product Researcher at Codility, talks about how Candidate Labs are a great way to check assumptions at the crucial stages of product development.