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Candidate Engagement in Tech Recruitment: Tips for Improvement

Candidate Engagement in Tech Recruitment: Tips for Improvement

Learn 5 interview tips for engaging candidates during your tech recruitment process. Start reducing the chance of candidate drop out by using Codility today!

Tech Recruiting

Each year, the number of tech jobs grows faster than the number of graduating applicants, and competition among hiring companies is fierce. As start up tech recruiting becomes increasingly competitive, candidate engagement and creating a positive candidate experience with your brand is critical. But how do you engage a group of people who are already being bombarded with information?

Well, we spoke with Codility customers about how they increase candidate engagement in their high-scale, campus, ongoing and start up tech recruiting process. 

Here are their top tips: 

Set Expectations with Every Candidate

Every time you connect with a candidate you’re establishing a (hopefully long and mutually-beneficial) relationship. To establish rapport, let your candidates know how your hiring process works, and what they can expect. This can be in a flow chart on the careers page of your website, a conversation over the phone or in email after they first show interest in the role. Be clear on why the process exists and, if you’re introducing the candidate to Codility, why core programming skills are objectively assessed early in the process. If you’ve established how you hire, and what you’re looking for, you’ve started to establish rapport.

Communicate Clearly and with Personality

Because the rapport mentioned above is essential to keeping candidates warm, adding a personal touch to all communication can have a big impact. Checking in with the candidate during the process, mentioning something specific to their profile, and introducing them to a primary recruiting advocate builds a positive impression. If you’re a Codility customer inviting candidates, why not edit the default email to include information like the expected test duration, which languages they can use, and any details from your previous communication.

Set Deadlines, and Stick to Them!

Once the candidates know what to expect and who they'll be working with, be sure to remind them how long the process will take and exactly when you’ll need responses from them. Remember, deadlines you set for your candidates are just as important as deadlines you set for yourself. Remind candidates doing Codility exercises that finishing up within one week is encouraged in order to ensure the hiring process is efficient (btw- Codility will help you out and automatically send a reminder to the candidate after 7 days). 

Ease Nerves and Help Candidates Through the Process

The more relaxed your candidates are, the better they will perform in the recruitment process. Be helpful by suggesting tips to candidates on what to prepare or read before their interviews. When inviting candidates to Codility, it’s worthwhile to remember that while you understand the value of Codility, candidates might be intimidated by the idea of a coding test. To get recruits over their initial nervousness, some of our customers refer to Codility tasks as “challenges” or “exercises” to reduce testing anxiety. A great practice is to take the Codility test yourself, or to do it together with your fellow hiring managers, so you have an appreciation of the candidate's experience. This leads to deeper conversations at the interview stage as you can discuss the twists and turns of their solution, establishes further rapport with the candidate, and allows you to run better technical interviews.

Increase Candidate Engagement for your tech recruiting with Codility.jpg

Keep Engaging Your Candidate Pool

While not every candidate will be joining your team today, those individuals might be a better fit for future positions. Be sure to give feedback to candidates on why they didn't make it through (Codility does this for you with auto-feedback) and how they can improve. For hard coding skills, send them to our programmers' home, to practice their coding skills, and offer to let them revisit the test sometime down the road.

By implementing these 5 steps you can dramatically improve candidate engagement in recruitment and reduce the chance of candidate drop out.

Happy Hiring! 

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