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Create Custom Tasks, and Offer them in Multiple Languages

Create Custom Tasks, and Offer them in Multiple Languages

With Codility Custom Tasks, We're Multi-lingual so your candidates can submit their assessments in whatever language they know best.

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With Codility Custom Tasks, We're Multi-lingual.

At Codility we strive to provide the best possible experience to both our customers and their candidates. For our customers this means offering a huge library of tasks, in multiple languages, to maximize the flexibility of available online coding tests.The same tasks and tests can be offered in C++, JavaScript, Perl or other common programming languages, meaning candidates can take the test in the language they know best. Everyone wins - our customer isn’t restricted to a single programming language, and candidates can demonstrate how they code without trying to conform to a language they don't normally use.

In addition to our standard library we also offer our customers the ability to create their own Custom Tasks, which we then certify on their behalf. Custom Tasks enable our customers tailor tasks to their specific requirements, providing even more information on candidates by pinpointing specific skills and problem-solving techniques.  Custom Tasks can be a powerful extension to the Codility task library, and because we certify the tasks as part of our solution, our customers are assured the same industry-leading test integrity we offer with our own tasks.


And our Custom Task feature isn't limited to a single programming language.  Just because our customer creates the Custom Task in Python doesn't mean the candidate must use Python to solve it.  We ensure Custom Tasks are available in multiple languages, based on our customer's requirements.

For example, our customer "Acme Products", creates a Custom Task in Python. They aren’t necessarily looking for only Python experts, so they’d like to extend the task (and broaden the potential talent pool) by making that Task available in C++ and Ruby.  We can help them. We can extend the Custom Task Acme created to C++, Ruby, or other languages depending on their needs.

Now let’s look at it from the candidate’s side. Angela is a great programmer, and she knows C++ quite well. She can read through Python, but she couldn't create a solution in Python without taking some time to learn the syntax. If she can complete the task in C++, she can submit a strong and fast solution, and the hiring manager will be able to compare that against their Python original. 

Once again, everyone wins. Our customer saves engineering resources because they don't have to create their tasks in multiple languages, and they can compare their candidate's best work in a language they all understand. The candidate gets to demonstrate their coding knowledge and problem solving skills in a language they know well, showing our customer their best work.

Custom Tasks are available now to Codility Premium customers! For current customers see more information here, or if you're new to Codility, start a free trial to give it a go.


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