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Get Deeper Candidate Insights with Codility Results Review Feature

Get Deeper Candidate Insights with Codility Results Review Feature

Codility Results Review allows hiring managers to dig deeper into their candidates' reports in a sandbox-type environment. Learn more about this feature here!

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At Codility, we know that our test results are a critical aspect of every tech hiring decision. 

Codility test results can move candidates forward, or remove them from consideration.  Our clients carefully review how candidates approach, code and submit answers to each test to ensure they’re finding the best possible candidate for every position.

Great news- we’ve introduced a new feature the enables our clients to dig deeper into each candidate’s online coding test and work with the code the candidate provided.  Our clients can now take a candidate’s code and modify it, test it and determine if that candidate made simple mistakes, timing errors or simply couldn’t complete the test.   With this feature, Codility customers can identify minor flaws in a candidate’s online code test that might flag that candidate as inappropriate, when in reality they made a typo. 

This is a great method for digging deeper into candidate test results to identify top candidates with fewer rejections based on accidental or small errors.  Results Review doesn’t impact anything about the candidate’s original test score, so all the objective results and rankings you’ve come to expect from Codility aren’t compromised at all. And guess what - Codility is the only tech recruiting platform to provide this level of insight and re-evaluation.

The Results Review feature is available now- and it’s only available with Codility.   For our existing customers, this doesn’t require any new software or additional investment.  This is a new, no-cost feature for Codility, and you can see our help article here to see a short video of how it is done.

If you aren’t yet a Codility customer- what are you waiting for? Start a free trial now!

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