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Recruit in Real Time with our Hipchat Intergration

Recruit in Real Time with our Hipchat Intergration

Connect your Codility account with Hipchat and get instant notifications when your candidates take their assessments and be linked directly to their reports.

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You can now integrate Codility with HipChat!

Since recruiting is all about timing, we've built out a bridge for your Codility notifications to flow directly into your HipChat rooms. As soon as a candidate has completed their test, you'll get a notification into your room letting you know your candidate's score and a link to their test report.

To enable the integration, just click enable from within your Codility account, or it you're running your own HipChat server, reach out to Support@codility.com to get it switched on.

If you’re a Codility customer this feature is already available to you. If you aren’t yet a Codility customer, why not try the platform and see how this feature, among all our other cool features, can accelerate your tech hiring.

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