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Scandium Has a Winner

Scandium Has a Winner

Scandium 2016 is a coding challenge which puts top coders to the test against themselves and the clock. Free to participate and still open - check it out!


Our April Challenge, Scandium, asks coders to play a game called Even Sums. In this game, the first player unable to make a legal move, loses. The challenge askes you to figure out if you can win, assuming both you and your opponent play optimally.

We've seen more than 6,000 coders attempt Scandium, with an outstanding 291 Golden Awards handed out to those who solved the challenge! 

But there can only be 3 in our Hall of Fame, and this time the top place went to Daniel Chiu, from Portland, Oregon. Daniel came up with the perfect solution in just 1 hour and 10 minutes - truely a great feat. Tadeusz and Fatfisz (who has incendently since joined the Codility team) came in 2nd and 3rd with only a minute separating them. 

Scandium is still open for you to try - think you can knock Daniel off first place? 

Congratulations, and Happy Coding!  


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