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Promoting Synergy Between People Ops and Engineering

Promoting Synergy Between People Ops and Engineering

Tech Recruiting and Engineering need to be aligned and work together cohesively for hiring success. Here are a few simple tips to get your collaboration buzzing

Tech Recruiting

Cross-functional communication is a core value in nearly all organizations, and for good reason. Getting your teams on the same page, clearly communicating, and working toward consistent goals is essential. In the world of tech recruiting, the two functions that need to be truly synchronized are people operations and engineering. 

Achieving synergy between recruiting and engineering means finding common ground. But how do you get there? 

Here's a few steps we've taken over the years to keep us aligned: 

1. Observe and identify differences. Work styles, personalities, perspectives...

Acknowledging that hiring managers and technical recruiters have very different roles with differing goals is the first step in creating a strong connection that will enable these departments to work in sync with one another. Some of the differences between the two departments are fairly obvious. For example, recruiting success is primarily about hiring, and might also be tied to departmental satisfaction, candidate quality, and hiring efficiency. Whereas metrics for developers might involve code quality, speed and creativity, with hiring as a secondary focus. Learning and respecting each function's success metrics makes collaboration possible, and being aware of priorities creates realistic expectations.

2. Maintain shared values and a collaborative spirit through C.O.D.E.:

C: Comunicate openly (up and down the tech recruiting funnel)

O: Organize teams (know who is responsible for what, when and how)

D: Design a plan (key shared goals and benchmarks with clear tactics)

E: Execute and Review (we meet weekly for tech recruiting stand-ups)

3. Acknowledge the obstacles, and identify common ground.

What do Recruiting and Engineering have in common during the recruiting process? Ultimately they want to find the right person for the position, as efficiently as possible. But where Recruiting might want to see a wide variety of people to carefully refine the candidate pool, engineers may want to focus on fewer, higher-quality candidates for interview. Neither approach is wrong, depending on where you sit in the recruiting funnel. Developing a strategy that encourages a broad candidate pool and an efficient skills assessment process should satisfy both parties.

4. Look for solutions and tools that enhance cooperation and collaboration.

There are a host of tools available that are designed to streamline the hiring process, alleviate the need for engineers in screening, and empower recruiting to assess the technical capabilities of candidates. These kinds of tools help both sides achieve their goals. Assessment platforms are fast becoming a popular solution that enables both sides to reach their goals quickly. Often times these platforms provide a wealth of insight that allows for engineers to get the information they need about a candidate and provides the ease of usability and reporting that recruiting needs to push the right candidates forward. Don't be afraid to explore different options and try out what is available. It may be a pleasant surprise for both departments to find how little time is really needed to find the perfect candidate.

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