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The Calcium Challenge & Race to Glory

The Calcium Challenge & Race to Glory

The Calcium coding challenge saw over 7,000 coders attempt to provide a perfect solution for where the local Police Chief should place his speed cameras.


Calcium came and went almost as fast as the illegal car races it was focussed on.

This challenge asked coders to help the local Police Chief figure out the best locations for speed cameras to catch street racers before they become a more serious threat to public safety. 

Over 7,000 coders came to help out, with 187 giving the Police Chief the best solution, and three coders who joined our Hall of Fame for providing effective and efficient code - saving the day! 

Congratulations to Ivan Zdomskyi (aka Balloon) from Kiev, Ukraine for writing the perfect solution, in just 46 minutes! Second place went to FatalEagle who cam ein at 50 minutes and third to Liviu Andretti. 


It's not too late to see if you can figure out the best layout for the speed cameras, so if you have not attempted it yet, try Calcium now.

Congratulations to all our Golden Award winners, and happy coding!

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