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How we Hire Programmers at Codility: Assessment to Interviewing

How we Hire Programmers at Codility: Assessment to Interviewing

From initial assessment to general interviews, find out how we hire programmers at Codility. If you're interested in joining our team, contact us today!

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Hiring the right people means a great deal to us, so we are very careful during the process. It is no secret that it takes a long time to hire the right person and, well, good candidates find jobs fast. This is why when we find the right person, we move very quickly. 

We believe tech recruitment is a conversation, so through the whole process we keep things balanced, to make sure we get the a great outcome for you and Codility. At times we will challenge you, but we strongly encourage you to challenge us as well and ask us difficult questions!

If you would like to join our Engineering Team, there are a few things you need to know:

  • You will always receive feedback from us the next day after each round of tech interviews. 

  • We do not care if the programming language you are most proficient in is not the one we use. We care about your programming skills, not specific technologies.

  • We care A LOT whether you are smart and get things done.

  • During interviews you will meet developers as well as people from other teams. You will get to meet four team members before you make your decision.

  • You will be asked to code during technical interviews.

The Codility Assessment 

As you probably expected, at the very beginning of the process, we want to see how you code. This is your chance to interact with our product. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills by answering three programming problem-solving questions. You can solve them in any programming language you feel most comfortable with (we support most popular programming languages), in an environment that is comfortable for you (at home and whenever you are most productive).  

Pro Tip: Make sure you take a look at the demo test before you start. If you need to practice, check out our programmers page with lessons and challenges. Right after you are done with your test, you will receive automated feedback from our system with your detailed score per task.

Technical Interview

During the technical interviews you will get a chance to meet the people you will potentially work with. You will definitely talk to one of our programmers from the Engineering Team as well as Paweł, our CTO. You can grill them about our tech stack, on-the-job challenges, problems we face and solve, team structure, work methodology, what we are currently developing and what makes them excited to work with us. 

At the same time, we, want to get to know what you are passionate about and what makes you get up in the morning. If you are an open source contributor, ran an interesting university project, have a pet project, great! Tell us more about it. We want to see that you get excited about what you do. 

To assess technical fit we will be interested in seeing how you solve programming problems, so prepare for coding questions. We will not ask you to solve any hard algorithmic challenges. We want to see if you have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals as well as how you think, reason and talk about code. We also want to find out what you could help us with with and what we could learn from you once you join.

General Interviews

During our interviews  we emphasize that you meet people from different functions. Because once you join Codility, you will not just be a part of the Engineering team. We expect our whole team to carry out their own initiatives and take responsibility for the success of the company as a whole. 

To give you a better picture of the company and people who work here you get to meet not only developers but also people from other teams (Business, Operations, Product). This way you will have a chance to look at the product from different points of view, ask and hear more about market trends, competition or product development. Most importantly these interviews will be a great source to learn more about our users, their feedback and requests.

We are a small but very strong team. A small team needs superb communication, so we will be looking at how you express yourself, especially how you explain difficult technical concepts to non-engineers. 

Codility is currently in a rapid growth phase and that gives our team a great opportunity to learn a tonne in a short amount of time. Some people thrive in a startup environment and some would not fit in those circumstances. This is why we want to understand why you are considering a fast growing startup and how you see yourself in such an environment.

Have questions about how to hire programmers? Listen to our webinar on how to revamp your tech hiring process.

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